viernes, 25 de julio de 2008

Who wants a chessecake of strawberrys? JACQUELINE ENGLISH 4TH LEVEL

Ingredients to prepare Cheesecake strawberry:

1 pionono of 24 cm. 2 clear 150 gr. sugar 400 gr. cream cheese 2 envelopes gelatin without flavor 300 cc. cream milk 200 gr. strawberry fair 1 box strawberry gelatin to 8 servings To decorate mint leaves Rules chocolate sugar impalpable As of prepare Cheesecake strawberries Cut the pionono the size of the mold and accommodate at the base. Whisk to clear the snow, add sugar in the form of rain and continue beating until you have a meringue disk. Stir in cheese. Dissolve gelatin flavor without a half cup of water. Bring to fire a few seconds until it is hot, but not boil. Agrega gently to the preparation of cheese. Finally, incorporate the cream semibatida shaped envelope. Vert on the mold and take it to the refrigerator 1 hour. Cut strawberries in the middle and make them available on the cake. Prepare gelatin in a bowl of strawberries, according to package directions but with half the water. Place the bowl with gelatin over another containing ice water and stir constantly until achieving a consistency of honey. Volvo immediately on strawberries and lead to the refrigerator 3 hours. For releasing, passing a knife soaked in warm water for the edges of the cake, remove the ring and decorate the surface with ruler and chocolate mint leaves. Sprinkle with sugar impalpable.

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